Justin Randolph Joffe

Justin has always been passionately creative. Starting out as a child who disassembled his first bicycle and the family TV set and going on to style an innovative line of footwear in his teens, he was never bored. Growing up in London he found inspiration everywhere and busied himself with various creative outlets.

Photography, drawing, painting, ceramics, jewelry and fashion were all avenues of creative expressions that he explored in his youth. Seeing his own body as a canvas was the next step, as he cultivated physical balance and power through martial arts and bodybuilding, culminating when he placed in the finals for his weight class in the Mr South Africa competition.

Early adulthood saw Justin delving deeper into painting and establishing himself as a well-liked DJ in the UK and America. Towards the turn of the century he found himself swept up in a tide of new technologies which greatly expanded his artistic potential. Immersing himself in production tools and techniques, he enjoyed taking his career to the next level with digital photography, video, 3D and interactive media. His work has taken him across Europe, North America, Africa and Australia and has given him a global perspective and appreciation for the many cultures of the world.

Now a seasoned veteran in both analog and digital design, his curiosity and desire to learn keeps him constantly challenging himself. His more recent technical endeavors include learning the Red camera and shooting aerial photography via remote-controlled quad copter. Clients and colleagues know Justin to be both a forward-thinker and an all-around fun person: because you always see him taking great delight in pursuing the cutting-edge where technology meets art. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right – but it’s not worth doing at all unless you enjoy yourself along the way!

Self Portrait @ Australian D*Face Exihbition